My retreat dream becomes reality …

My retreat dream becomes reality …


Have you ever had a dream that niggles at you constantly? Something you can’t quite put into words, but that you know is something that you’re ‘meant’ to be doing?

It takes great courage to follow your dream, despite your inner critic (or perfectionism or procrastination) getting in the way.  If we give in to any of these, then our dreams can fizzle out  – fading into the distance and consigned to a ‘some day’ or ‘might have been’ memory or regret.

I want to tell you about my dream – from years ago.

I believe that I was guided to move to Scotland and to live in the beautiful home that we’re in now. The dream that I’ve had is to run peaceful, tranquil retreats for introverts – bringing rest, renewal and transformation to people who desperately need to reconnect with themselves, before they burn out from pushing too hard, or going round in circles with their business.

I know that the land we have here holds very powerful energy, and my dream is to bring people here to experience this for themselves. It’s hugely nourishing to be surrounded by silence, except for the sounds of nature, birds singing, wind gently rustling through the trees.

I know this is a special place; I’ve felt it myself, the way my daughter and I have been nurtured here – through our connection to nature on our doorstep.

I had a Feng Shui consultation for the whole property, and we put in place lots of measures that will enhance and guide the flow of Chi to make it even more of a special, nurturing place.

Now I feel huge excitement that after years of thinking and preparing in my mind, I’m finally ready to welcome guests to my first live retreat!!

It’s my dream come true!


[Video Interview] The question you must ask to create a business and life you love…

[Video Interview] The question you must ask to create a business and life you love…

As a heart-centred business owner, it’s easy to get swept away with the idea of making a difference in the world, and forget about actually making a profit.

I interviewed Helen Monaghan, finance coach and best selling author of Successful Business Minds, about what it really takes to make a business work, and how we can deal with our ‘money stuff’, so that we can create a business and a life that we love.

Watch the video to find out:


Making small-talk work for you (your business will thank you for it!)

Making small-talk work for you (your business will thank you for it!)

Small Talk

If you’re anything like me, you hate small-talk with a vengeance.  When it comes to meeting new people, you wish you didn’t feel so awkward, and could manage a few coherent sentences without wanting the ground to swallow you up.

Small-talk seems to come easy to some people – talking about the weather, or their journey to the venue or any number of other ‘trivial’ snippets seem to just trip off the tongue with no effort.

And then there’s us introverts, for whom small-talk is like wading through treacle.

Picture the scene ….

You’ve made it to the networking event – you walk in, grab your badge, and make it over to the coffee table hoping that nobody noticed you looking nervous.

You pour your drink as slowly as possible to kill time (even an extra 30 seconds of calm is better than nothing, right?!).

You slowly turn to face the rest of the room, palms sweating, throat dry as you’re thinking “Now what?”

Does this resonate with you? (more…)

What to do when the biggest challenge in your business is YOU

What to do when the biggest challenge in your business is YOU

Connecting with others

It was a beautiful sunny day in April 2013, when I got the shocking news that I have a form of face blindness (Prosopagnosia, to give it it’s official term).

I’d known for some time that I found it really uncomfortable to look at people’s faces, and I’d found connecting with others in a group quite challenging and visually tiring. I can recognise people but I can only see a small portion of their face at one time – so I have to scan rapidly to take the whole face in (which is why it’s so tiring). That’s only a problem in group situations if lots of people are talking at once.

It was a huge shock for me, and for several months afterwards I went into a downward spin – feeling depressed and worthless and ‘abnormal’.

I felt severely lacking …

I asked myself

“How can I possibly build a business if I can’t even do that properly?”


5 Key Steps To Business Success (The Introvert Way)

5 Key Steps To Business Success (The Introvert Way)

business success

Walk through the door – step towards your business success!

I’ve just had the most amazing weekend.

I was one of the speakers at the first Your Signature Success Story event in Kenilworth, UK. It was my first big speaking event (and I got to wear a microphone pack, and it was filmed (just to increase the pressure a bit!)

I met such amazing, inspirational women, my talk was a great success and I made some great connections that will help my business grow,  increase my reach and mean that I can help many more people.

And it all started with one conversation.

And what led to that conversation was my heartfelt desire to reach more people through speaking.

I have a vision and a yearning to tell my story and to inspire other sensitive introverts;  to teach what I know about coming out of your shell and overcoming your fear of being visible, and what it takes to feel confident to attract paying clients so you can make the difference in the world that you’re here to make.

Do you yearn to make more of a difference, to reach more people and to have more paying clients?

Yet are you held back by your fear … of stepping into the unknown, of getting it ‘wrong’ and being stuck with a wrong decision, or of being ridiculed and rejected for your ideas?

I know how that feels, it’s frustrating and paralysing .

Yet I know that fear doesn’t have to stop you….

The journey to your business success starts with being kind to yourself and compassionate with your fears (you can watch a video I created about this here)

The rest can be summarised like this…

The key steps to taking inspired action for your business success: