Have you ever had a dream that niggles at you constantly? Something you can’t quite put into words, but that you know is something that you’re ‘meant’ to be doing?

It takes great courage to follow your dream, despite your inner critic (or perfectionism or procrastination) getting in the way.  If we give in to any of these, then our dreams can fizzle out  – fading into the distance and consigned to a ‘some day’ or ‘might have been’ memory or regret.

I want to tell you about my dream – from years ago.

I believe that I was guided to move to Scotland and to live in the beautiful home that we’re in now. The dream that I’ve had is to run peaceful, tranquil retreats for introverts – bringing rest, renewal and transformation to people who desperately need to reconnect with themselves, before they burn out from pushing too hard, or going round in circles with their business.

I know that the land we have here holds very powerful energy, and my dream is to bring people here to experience this for themselves. It’s hugely nourishing to be surrounded by silence, except for the sounds of nature, birds singing, wind gently rustling through the trees.

I know this is a special place; I’ve felt it myself, the way my daughter and I have been nurtured here – through our connection to nature on our doorstep.

I had a Feng Shui consultation for the whole property, and we put in place lots of measures that will enhance and guide the flow of Chi to make it even more of a special, nurturing place.

Now I feel huge excitement that after years of thinking and preparing in my mind, I’m finally ready to welcome guests to my first live retreat!!

It’s my dream come true!

The theme of the retreat is ‘Reconnecting to Self: To Re-energise you and your Business’.

I’ll be co-leading this retreat with a dear friend of mine, Mary Skinner, who has an amazing gift of removing energetic blocks and bringing healing to deep wounds we never knew were there.

(She has been helping me for the past seven years, and I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without her help!)

I highly recommend her, and I’m so looking forward to bringing her gentle healing power to this retreat!


Are you Ready?


If you’re a heart-centred introvert who’s longing to bring your work more fully into the world, but you’re feeling burnt out from pushing too hard or going round in circles, then this retreat is for you.


This two day retreat is a gentle, supported deep dive into what it means for you to ‘be yourself’, and we’ll be exploring how we can feel great about being seen, and dealing comfortably with other people’s expectations.

There’ll be peaceful walks, meditation, energy clearing and balancing and guided exercises to reconnect you to your core self. We’ll combine all this with practical guidance on the business foundations you need to bring clients and income into your business.

The doors are open for bookings, and I’m so looking forward to spending time with a wonderful group of heart-centred introverts – for nourishment, reconnection and renewal.

If this sounds like something you’d love then do check out the page here.

By committing to taking baby steps of action and letting go of perfection, my dream is finally becoming reality.

I would love to welcome you to my home to experience this for yourself!


Over to you:


Do you have a dream you’d love to bring to reality? By naming it out-loud (and in writing!), you signal to the Universe that you really want it.

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