As as introvert in business, the idea of going to a networking event can often fill us with dread ….

Thoughts might be swirling around our brain such as…

What will I say to people?

Will I look stupid?

Will I get overwhelmed ?

Will anyone be interested in what I do?

In this 3 minute video I share with you a simple exercise you can do to take the pressure off, and allow you to change your state to one that is more empowering, in the moment.

Whatever state you want to be in (eg confident, relaxed, motivated, energised), you can use this exercise to bring back the memory of a time when you were feeling that really strongly, and use that memory in the present moment.

Watch the video to find out how you can feel more confident networking:

Firstly choose a memory of a time when you felt really confident

See that situation in your mind’s eye, and notice what you can SEE all around you.

Secondly, notice what you can HEAR around you.

Bring those sounds closer to you and amplify the depth and resonance, to bring the sound alive inside you.

Thirdly, notice what you’re FEELING – sink into your body and notice what you feel, physically, emotionally, spiritually.

Notice where in your body you feel that sensation, whether that feeling has a shape or a temperature (yes, when you pay attention to these elements more closely you will notice that all of our sensations have multiple layers and overlap each other.)

We don’t usually notice this, but when you use this technique you’ll uncover a much deeper experience of that original memory!

Finally anchor that state (using your finger and thumb)

This will bring together all those senses, of sight, hearing and touch to call forth that memory and enable you to feel powerfully confident.

Feel confident networking, relax and have fun as you talk to people and make wonderful connections that will really help your business!

Watch the video and find a way to make networking easier and more enjoyable.  Let me know how you get on!


Over to you:

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