Last week I interviewed the lovely Jennifer Main, Transformational Guide and bestselling author of ‘The Space Between’.

I was asking Jennifer about how we can protect ourselves from getting hurt, as sensitive introverts in business, and how we can get over our fears especially when going networking.

If you’re anything like me, going to a crowded networking event takes a lot of courage and energy, and for some of us it can often feel like a hurdle we just cannot leap.

When I spoke with Jennifer, there unfolded a fascinating conversation about the difference between barriers and boundaries and how we can feel good about doing scary things!


Click on the video to watch and listen to our conversation:

You’ll learn:

  • The difference between barriers and boundaries (and why it’s critical for you as an introvert in business)


  • How we can make networking a whole – lot – calmer for us (and why it’s easier than you think!)


  • How fear is something to be proud of (because it means that you’re growing!)




 You can find out more about Jennifer below:

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Over to you:

Do you have any tips about what helps you feel less nervous at a networking event?  Do you have any examples to share about your own barriers vs boundaries?

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