writing processDoes your writing process take a long time, as you anxiously censor what you write in your blogs or social media posts?

Do you worry what other people might think if you reveal some hidden secret, or reveal something that’s not ‘freshly washed and ironed Sunday best’?

Do you find that your writing process includes a  ‘cleansing element’ as you try to get rid of anything that might cause people to ‘not like you’?

I had an experience recently that illustrates this issue perfectly.

I’m re-reading a book that I’d read many years ago called Conversations with God (Book One), and finding it so powerful and enlightening. I knew the gems within it should be shared more widely so that other people could learn from this amazing writing.

Then I stopped myself and thought:

Hmmm, I’m not sure I can share that, people might think I’m weird, reading a book about talking to God, (and I imagined my daughter saying “Who does that???” )

Then I got to thinking … actually spirituality is really important to me, and I’d like spiritual books and teachings to be more prevalent in my life – so my life is enriched and not depleted by mindless rubbish that’s so easily available on social media and on the internet.

Then I realised – it’s probably not just me who feels censored.

I think being in business for ourselves and feeling that we’re constantly ‘on show’ can be a real dilemma.

How much personal stuff should you share in your writing process, and is that relevant to your business ?

I don’t post much personal stuff on social media – I choose to spend my time actually experiencing and enjoying what I’m doing and don’t often think about sharing said activities on Facebook.

Yet we all know that you need to create valuable content for marketing your business which solves a problem that your Tribe are struggling with (the kind of thing you might say to a client that you’re working with individually).

How to bring more of YOU into your writing process that will be useful for your Tribe:

1.  Write about topics that you know your Tribe are struggling with.

Show empathy, that you understand their pain, and provide a tiny first step to resolving that pain.

2. Include stories of things that actually happened in your life – books you’ve read, places you enjoyed visiting,  people you met.

So that people can relate to you as a person – those personal snippets are really important in helping people to understand you a bit better and decide whether you’re the sort of person they’d like to work with.

We warm to people who are like us. (The more you show people what you’re ‘really’ like, the more the right  people will move towards you.)

3. Read Tad Hargraves’ blog about Point of View Marketing and also the questions that he suggests you answer, to get clear on your Point of View.

Tad’s wisdom on this is priceless as he explains exactly why it’s important to know your point of view and clearly articulate it. As Tad says, discovering your point of view is a huge gift to yourself.

4. If you find yourself trying to censor what you write – then stop, and listen to what you’re telling yourself.

This blog that I wrote on dealing with your inner critic may be helpful too.

Remember that you want to attract clients who share your values (and in turn your clients will value learning from someone who they can resonate with).

Revealing more of YOU through your writing process as you create useful content for marketing your business, will ensure that you’re attracting the right kind of clients who will love not only what you do, but also how and why you do it.

I’m not ashamed of my spirituality and I would highly recommend the Conversations with God book series – what an eye-opener, and a comforting presence in my life.

Oh, and I’m going to be using Tad’s questions to bring out more of my own Point of View!  Watch this space!

Over to you:

Do you have any tips to share on how you bring out more of ‘You’ in your writing?

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